State Council receives student participants of  "Love and Peace Oman"

01 Dec 2019

The State Council received on Sunday, December 1, 2019, a number of students from the governorates of Sultanate of Oman participating in the "Oman love and peace" organized by the Department of Citizenship at the Ministry of Education, in order to identify the functions of the Council and its mechanism.


The students were received by Amjad bin Yahya al-Busaidi, Director of the council's public relations department. 


The students listened to an explanation about the competencies and tasks assigned to the Council  by Sultan bin Juma Al-Farsi, Director of the Legal Committee Affairs Department at the Secretariat General, to assist with meetings and committees' affairs. 


He also discussed the role of the Oman Council in the national work, the provisions of the State Council in the Basic Law of the State, its organizational structure, stages and terms, the manner in which the draft law passes through various stages at the Council, in addition to publicizing its work and activities.


The students' visit program included watching a documentary about the council and toured the premises to learn about its facilities.

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