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Social Committee reviews proposal on the mechanism for selecting topics for the upcoming session 

13 Jul 2020

The  Social Committee of the State Council reviewed a proposal on the mechanism for selecting topics and issues to be studied by the committee during the next session . 



The Committee meeting, the eleventh of the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Hon.Ahmed bin Ali bin Abdullah Al Habshi al Amri, Committee Head, was held in the presence of honorable members of the Committee and several General Secretariat employees. 


The Committee  discussed  a proposal for a study titled “Delay in the age of marriages in the Sultanate, the causes, effects, and solutions", as well as a proposal named “The reality of people with disabilities and the services provided to them in the Sultanate." 


The committee reviewed the measures taken by the sub-committee in charge of reviewing the “Law on the Conservation of the Environment and prevention of Pollution” and in addition reviewed the progress of the study, “The reality of elderly care in the Sultanate."


In addition, it reviewed the  new issues listed  on its agenda, and took appropriate decisions regarding them.

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