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Social Com. reviews efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to curtail marine pollution 

08 Jul 2019

The Social Committee of the State Council on Monday, held its eighth meeting for the fourth annual session of the sixth term, headed by Hon.Dr. Hamad Bin Sulaiman Al Salmi, Committee Head in the presence of the honorable members of the Committee and the Secretariat staff.

The meeting hosted Dr.Saud Bin Hamoud bin Ahmed  Al Habsi, Under-Secretary for Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr Abdul Aziz bin Said al Marzouqi, Director General of Fisheries Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Dr.Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Nahdi, Director of Marine and Fisheries Center, to review the Law on Marine Pollution Control issued by Royal Decree No. 34/74. 


The committee discussed with them a number of axes related to the study: the ministerial  efforts in the field of awareness programs, marine  security and safety requirements, procedures regulating  work, coordination and data efficiency, measurement tools and institutional readiness, strategies and legislation as well as practical proposals to reduce marine pollution.


Discussions also focused on the level of legislative activation of relevant international and regional agreements and partnerships, and the adequacy of national legislation in force in the field of maritime pollution, and the most important challenges in this area and the proposals of the Ministry to address them.

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