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ESO hosted by Social Committee at State Council 

04 Jul 2019

The Social Committee of the State Council charged with studying the review of the Maritime Pollution Control Law issued by Royal Decree No. 34/74, on Thursday hosted  Environment Society of Oman (ESO)  officials to explore their views on the proposal at its eighth   meeting. 

The committee discussed at the meeting, headed by Hon.Dr.Hamad bin Sulaiman al-Salami, Head of the committee in the presence of the honorable members of the committee, many relevant topics and themes related to the proposal. These included diagnostics, awareness programs, maritime security and safety requirements, as well as strategies, legislation and laws.

During the hosting, a review was also made of the extent of marine pollution incidents in the Sultanate, the risks of marine pollution incidents, as well as the role of NGOs and civil society organizations in reducing the risk of marine pollution.

The officials representing ESO were Dr. Mohammed Al Kalbani, Board Member of the Environment Society of Oman, and Dr. Hamad Al-Ghani, Director of Community Affairs and Environmental Awareness of the society.

During the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and follow-up of the decisions taken were noted.

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