The Culture, Media and Tourism Committee of the  State Council reviews with MTC officials, development of cultural content 

06 Jul 2020

The Culture, Media and Tourism Committee of the State Council hosted Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC) and several officials at the Ministry as part of the committee’s study on “Omani digital cultural content”, in the meeting hall of the Council of Oman on Tuesday.


The eleventh meeting of the committee of the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by the Committee Head, Hon.Dr Aisha bint Hamad bin Said al Darmakiyah, was held in the presence of the honorable members of the committee, and several employees of the General Secretariat.

The committee reviewed with the CEO of MTC and the Ministry officials, the guidelines the ministry follows in presenting and displaying cultural content, it’s joint efforts to document and market the cultural product, the cooperation between the ministry and other government institutions in this regard, and the challenges facing the ministry in organizing and marketing cultural content and its visions to overcome these challenges.

The delegation of the Ministry included Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Kharusi, Director General of Electronic Services, Khalid bin Hamad Al Kharusi, Director General of Awareness and Media, Hassan bin Fida Al Lawatia, Director General of Digital Community Development Sector , Nasser bin Saleh Al Ghailani, Director of Media.

At the end of the meeting, the committee was briefed about the new issues listed on its agenda, and took appropriate decisions regarding them.

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