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Expanded Economic Committee at the State Council discusses the draft State Budget for fiscal year 2020

05 Dec 2019

The Expanded Economic Committee of the State Council discussed on Thursday, at its first meeting of the first annual session of the seventh term of the Council, the draft state budget for fiscal year 2020 and the report of the Shura Council on it. 

During the meeting, headed by Hon.Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Harthy, Head of the Economic Committee, in the presence of the members of the Economic Committee, reviewed the economic and social objectives of the budget, the foundations and assumptions on which it was based, public revenues and objects of expenditure and the Final results of the Oman Vision 2020 and the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

The committee will submit its views on the draft budget to the Council’s Bureau in preparation for submitting it to the council at its next sitting.

The referral of the State’s General Budget  to the State Council comes  in accordance with the provisions of Article No. (58) bis (40) of the Basic Law of the State, which states that development plans and the annual budget of the state from the Council of Ministers shall be referred to Majlis A’Shura  for discussion and make recommendations on them within a month at the most from the date of referral to it, then it is referred to the State Council for discussion and recommendations regarding it within fifteen days at the most from the date of referral to it. 

The Chairman of the State Council must return it to the Council of Ministers along with the recommendations of both councils.

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