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Secretary General of State Council receives Modern College of Business & Science students

31 Jul 2019

HE.Dr.Khalid Bin Salem Al Saidi, Secretary General of the State Council, received students of the Master of Public Administration from the Modern College of Business and Science in course of their visit to learn about its powers and role in national work. 

Dr.Khalid stated that the Council of Oman building is one of the newest among parliamentary buildings, an architectural edifice that combines Omani architectural features and modern hi-tech facilities.   


He added that the high interest to involve citizens in decision-making has led to the significant development of Shura, strengthened institutional practice, integrated them in the process of achieving development goals and national progress from the beginning of the Blessed Renaissance.   


The development of institutional practice of Shura in Oman and its contributions to national work was detailed and he mentioned the role of the bicameral Council in the development of parliamentary work.


Dr.Khalid elaborated on the membership facts of the State Council and detailed its terms of reference, legislative and supervisory powers and its role in discussing Draft Development Plans and the State Budget and the council's discussion of draft laws and the submission of proposals and studies.


The Council's keenness to establish communication linkages with the community through social media platforms and  direct visits to the council to learn about its facilities, experience its mechanism of work and identify its terms of reference and powers, which contribute to promoting awareness of the shura practice among visitors, especially university, college and school students, was highlighted by Dr.Khalid. 


He answered the queries of the students, before they were briefed about its various facilities and advanced equipment during the Council tour.  

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