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Education and Research Committee at the State Council  reviews OCCI  programs to develop scientific research

14 Jul 2020

The Education and Research Committee of the State Council hosted several officials of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry(OCCI), as part of its study titled "the reality of scientific research and the role of private sector companies in supporting and developing it." 


During its eighteenth meeting of  the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by Hon.Muhammad bin Hamdan Al-Tawbi, head of the committee, in the presence of honorable  committee members, General Secretariat employees  and OCCI delegation, the discussions focused on a number of study axes. 


These included: Challenges facing scientific research, the contribution of the private sector in supporting scientific research, the availability of the basic infrastructure for scientific research and its ability to deal with qualitative research, proposals and mechanisms to assist in developing the system of scientific research support, as well as the role of OCCI in finding alternative funding sources for research.


The OCCI delegation included Dr.Ahmed bin Abdul Karim Al-Houti, Chairman of the Economic Committee, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Balushi, Chairman of the Education Committee, Dr. Hussein bin Sulaiman Al Salmi, Vice Chairman of the Education Committee, and Badr bin Saif Al Awfi, Economic Advisor at OCCI.



It is worth noting that the study aims to determine the reality of local, regional and global policies and legislations regulating the process of the private sector's contribution to scientific research and raising its efficiency, and identify its role in this regard, and  suggest legislations and mechanisms that regulate the contribution of the private sector and international companies operating in the Sultanate in scientific research, in addition to proposing mechanisms to help settle technical expertise at all levels. 


At the end of its meeting, the committee was briefed on the new issues on its agenda, and took appropriate decisions regarding them.

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