Education and Research Committee discusses with SQU officials, “Status and future of teachers in the Sultanate”

08 Jul 2020

Today, the Education and Research Committee of the State Council held its sixteenth meeting of the first annual session of the seventh term, headed by by Hon.Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Sulaiman al Toobi, Committee Head, in the presence of the honorable committee members and the Secretariat employees.


The meeting hosted several officials of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), as part of its study on "The status and future of teachers in the Sultanate”.

The committee reviewed with the Sultan Qaboos University delegation several areas of study, including: the legislations related to selection, qualification, appointment, promotions and acceptance ratios for college admissions. The committee also discussed on-the-job training programs and plans for the teachers, ethics and values of the teaching profession, and laws regulating it, in addition to informing about education policies and strategies.

The committee also touched on the  justifications for the study that revolves around: the challenges that limit the teacher’s ability to perform in his/her profession, the low contribution of education to the global competitiveness of the Sultanate, in addition to taking advantage of modern technologies in  selecting, preparing and, qualifying teachers.

The university delegation included Prof.Dr.Sulaiman Bin Mohammed Al Balushi, Dean of the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University, Dr.Hussein bin Ali Al Kharousi, Lecturer at the College of Education, Dr.Abdullah bin Salem Al Hinai, Assistant Dean of the College of Education for University Studies, and Dr. Fawzia Bint Aziz Al Siyabiya, Assistant Dean of the College of Education for Training and Community Service.

It is worth noting that the Education Committee’s study on “The status and future of teachers in the Sultanate” aims to study the mechanisms for selecting, preparing, training, operating and motivating the teacher and proposing ways to develop them, reviewing the current legislation and laws regulating the education profession, and proposing new legislations that guarantee upgrading the education profession and the social status of the teacher. 

It also aims to examine the challenges facing the teaching profession, propose ways to overcome it and set a time frame for its implementation, in addition to coming up with recommendations and results in support of efforts aimed at developing the educational process through upgrading the level of performance of its most important component, the teacher.

At the end of its meeting, the committee briefed on the new issues listed on its agenda, and took appropriate decisions regarding them.

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