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State Council values "Sultan Qaboos Declaration Project on United Human Values"

20 Nov 2019


  • The Council endorses the distribution of members to its standing committees
  • State Council approves the creation of new “Technology and Innovation Committee” and elects  committee heads and their deputies  


The State Council today approved the list of distribution of honorable members to its standing committees, created a new committee “Technology and Innovation Committee” and approved the addition of a competence for human resources development to the Economic Committee.



The approvals resulted today at the Second Ordinary Sitting of the First Annual Session of the Seventh Term, chaired by HE.Dr.Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri, Chairman of the State Council in the presence of the honorable Council members and the Secretary-General of the Council.


During the sitting, the Council commended the Sultanate's efforts to spread values of coexistence and human harmony and praised the project of "Sultan Qaboos Declaration Project on United Human Values" which was unveiled during the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance in Indonesia recently. This is in accordance with the high directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The Council praised its objectives and nobleness of the project in spreading the concepts of understanding and tolerance among people to ensure the strengthening of human relations.


HE.Dr.Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri began the sitting with a speech, welcomed the honorable members, and pointed out that the sitting coincides with the celebrations of the Sultanate’s 49th National Day and prayed to Almighty to perpetuate good health and wellness and long life of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. 


The Council Chairman prayed for success in its endeavors to attain its objectives and facilitate continued contribution to the development process in the country under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. 



The Council Chairman reviewed the agenda, which included the announcement of the list of the distribution of honorable members to the standing committees. In this regard, he explained that the distribution of the honorable members relates to their specialisation, experience and desires and is compatible with the same of the members in each committee.  


His Excellency emphasied the importance of these committees in the work and activities of the Council explained the difference between standing committees and special committees, where the latter are formed by the Council to study specific topics.  


The Council then discussed a proposal related to the creation of a committee called the "Technology and Innovation Committee" and the creation of a human resources committee or as an addition of a competence to the Economic Committee. 


Following extensive discussions by the honorable members, the Council approved the creation of a new committee called “Technology and Innovation Committee.”  It’s most important terms of reference include, studying the draft laws referred to the Council related to technology and innovation, propose draft laws and review laws that fall within their jurisdiction, submit studies and proposals in the field of technology and innovation. In addition, it will also review and evaluate technology and innovation policies and propose strategies for technology localisation and promotion of innovation.  


With the creation of the new committee, the number of standing committees of the Council rises to six, including: the Legal Committee, the Economic Committee, the Social Committee, the Education and Research Committee, the Culture, Media and Tourism Committee and the Technology and Innovation Committee.


With regard to the second proposal, the Council approved the addition of a competence for human resources development to the Economic Committee.


The Council approved the referral of deferred topics from the sixth term to the relevant committees in preparation for the completion of their study, as well as ratified the minutes of the first regular session of the First Ordinary Sitting of the First Annual Session of the Seventh Term. 


Following the Council's approval of the list of distribution of honorable members to the standing committees, the committees held separate meetings to elect the Head of the Committees and the Deputy Heads. 


Names of Committee Heads and Deputy Heads 

Legal Committee – Hon.Dr Rashid bin Salim bin Rashid Al Badi, Committee Head and Hon.Sayyid Dr.Said bin Sultan bin Hamoud Al Busaidy, Deputy Head of Committee 


Economic Committee - Hon.Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Harthy, Committee Head and Hon.Nahla bint Abdulwahab Al Hamdiyah, Deputy Head of Committee 


Social Committee- Hon.Ahmed bin Ali bin Abdullah Al Habshi al Amri, Committee Head and Hon.Walli bin Nasser bin A’mer Al Shukaili, Deputy Head of Committee


Education and Research Committee- Hon.Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Sulaiman al Toobi, Committee Head and Hon.Dr Hamad bin Sulaiman bin Salim Al Salmi, Deputy Head of Committee


Culture, Media, Tourism Committee- Hon.Shaikh Ali bin Nassir bin Hamad Al Mahrouqi, Committee Head and Hon.Dr Mohammed bin Hamad bin Sulaiman Al Shuaili, Deputy Head of Committee


Technology and Innovation Committee- Hon.Dr Maryam bint Abdullah bin Rajab Al Awadiyah, Committee Head and Hon.Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Nassir Al Lamki, Deputy Committee Head. 

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