Special Committee discusses final draft of its study Biotechnology usage

20 Jun 2019

The final draft of the study, ‘promulgation of a law to regulate the uses of biotechnology and its products and the protection of genetic data in the sultanate’, was reviewed at the Special Committee meeting at the State Council on Thursday. The tenth meeting headed by Hon.Dr.Wafa Salim Ali Al Harrasy, Head of the Committee was held in the presence of the honourable Committee members and the Secretariat staff.
The study aims to establish the general framework of necessary legal legislations to identify and regulate the use of biotechnology and its products in the Sultanate and frame legal legislations to provide legal protection to genetic data to members of the community to ensure the benefit of the applications of biotechnology and the information provided by this data. It also aims to protect genetic data of plants and animals and its uses in the Sultanate and provide biosafety in the Sultanate to ensure a safe level of human, animal, plant and environmental health.
During the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting and the follow-up report of the decisions taken were approved
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