09 Jul 2020

The Bureau of the State Council today reviewed several proposals submitted by the Council’s committees and the honorable members.

The seventh Bureau meeting for the first annual session of the seventh term, presided by HE.Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al-Manthri,  Chairman of the State Council, held in the presence of honorable Bureau members and the Council’s Secretary-General, discussed the proposals submitted by the Economic Committee to study "the challenges facing  the national manpower in the private sector” and to study "Promoting Entrepreneurship and Local Added Value".



In this regard, the Bureau hosted Hon.Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Harthy, Economic Committee Head to discuss the two proposals. Following this, the bureau decided to refer them to the upcoming Ordinary Sitting of the council, after including the remarks of the honorable bureau members.

The report of the working group formed by the State Council to study "Bank loans and insurance" came up next for discussion and the Bureau hosted within this framework, Hon.Dr. Saeed bin Sultan Al Busaidi, Head of the working group. After discussing the proposal it was decided to refer it to the forth coming Ordinary Sitting after including the comments of the honorable members of the Bureau.

Several proposals submitted by honorable Council members were reviewed and relating to this, the Bureau hosted Hon.Eng.Nahla bint Abdulwahab Al Hamdiyah, Hon.Shaikh Mansoor bin Harith bin Mansoor al A’mri, Hon.Dr. Said bin Mubarak Al-Muharrami and Hon. Dr. Abdulaziz bin A’mer bin Hamad al Sawa’ee   to express their observations on the proposals.

The reports and studies submitted by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Supreme Committee in charge of discussing the mechanism for dealing with the developments of Corona virus (Covid 19) was reviewed.


The Bureau also reviewed the message received from the Council of Ministers on the explanatory note regarding the government's response to the remarks of the State Council and Majlis A’Shura on the "State Annual Budget for fiscal year 2020.”


The office also reviewed the report submitted by Hon.Shaikh Ali bin Nassir bin Hamad Al Mahrouqi and   Hon.Dr.Hasan Ali Mohammed Al Madhani regarding the third session of the Arab Parliament and its committees for the fourth annual session of the second annual session held on  June 24, 2020 via  Zoom  video conferencing. 


In addition, the Bureau reviewed the report submitted by the Assistant General Secretariat for Information and Research Center Affairs on "The environmental impact of development projects in the Sultanate of Oman - Sociological treatment of the environment", and the report on the follow-up of the committees' activities during the period between the previous Bureau meeting and the present meeting.

The Bureau determined the agenda items for the eighth Ordinary Sitting of the first annual session of the seventh term scheduled for Sunday, 12 July.

Furthermore, the seventh Ordinary Sitting of the first annual session of the seventh term held on 29 June was evaluated. 

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