Proposals forwarded to next session: Sports Club services & Public Debt discussed

24 Jun 2019

The State Council Bureau following discussions on Monday, at its 11th meeting forwards the proposal of Organising Advertising & Development of Training System to the upcoming Regular Session and discusses Sports Club services and proposal of Public Debt. 
  The meeting chaired by HE.Dr.Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri, Chairman of the Council, and held in the presence of the honourable Bureau members and the Secretary-General of the Council discussed several topics listed on the agenda.
This included discussing of the proposal of the Committee of Culture, Information and Tourism on ‘Organising Advertising.’ In this regard, the Bureau hosted the Deputy Head of the Committee, Hon.Mohammed Hamed Ali Al Masruri and Hon.Hatim Hamed Issa Al Tai, the Committee's rapporteur.
The proposal’s aim is to frame legislation, regulations governing and monitoring Advertising and frame classifications of advertisements, identify ways and means of their circulation as well as standardisation of technical aspects of various advertisements. Following its discussion of the proposal, the Bureau decided to transmit it to the next Regular Session of the Council.
The Bureau also hosted Hon. Dr. Abdullah Mubarak Salim Al Shanfari, Head of the Committee on Education and Research, and Hon.  Dr. Rashid Abdullah Masoud Al Yahyai, Rapporteur of the Committee, to discuss the proposal by the Committee on the ‘Development of the Training System complimenting the Educational system.’
The aim of the study is to diagnose the current reality associated with the role of education in equipping the student with practical skills necessary to be absorbed in the labour market, and to formulate a clearer vision to link theoretical education with practical aspects in order to ensure optimum benefit of education. Following discussions, the Bureau decided to transmit it to the Regular Session of the Council.
Additionally, the Bureau discussed the framework and determinants of the proposal of Public Debt Law submitted by the Economic Committee. It also discussed the vision of the annual report of the State Financial and Administrative Control Authority for 2017, submitted by the expanded Economic Committee of the Council.
The Bureau reviewed the proposal submitted by the Social Committee of ‘Reality of services provided by sports clubs and how to utilise them for community service’. This discusses the reasons for the lack of services available to the public, the limited ability of clubs to absorb young people in social and cultural activities,  parallel to sporting activities to occupy their leisure time and work to develop their intellectual and behavioural skills positively. It also aims to identify the reasons for the lack of investment in their services, which have the potential to generate income that can be utilised to sustain the activities of these clubs.
The Bureau also noted visit report of the Polish-Omani Parliamentary Friendship group to the Sultanate from April 23 to 26, 2019.
In addition, it focused attention on the follow-up report on implementation of the resolutions approved at the previous Bureau meeting and the follow-up report on the activities Committees during the period between the previous Bureau meeting and this meeting.
The meeting evaluated the Council’s 10th, 11th and 12th Regular sessions, held on 18 and 19 June 2019, as well as decided the agenda items for the 16th Regular session, scheduled for Tuesday July 9.
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