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32nd Batch of Command and Staff College visit Council of Oman

17 Jul 2019

HE.Dr.Khalid bin Salim Al Saidi, Secretary General of the State Council and HE.Sheikh Ali Bin Nasser Al Mahrouqi, Secretary General of Majlis A’Shura presented lectures to the visiting delegation of the 32nd Batch of the Command and Staff College on Wednesday. 

The visit enabled the delegation to get better informed about the powers and roles of both the Councils (State Council and Majlis A’ Shura), its competences, role in national decision-making and know more about its active contribution to the overall development of the Sultanate.


HE.Dr. Khalid Bin Salem Saidi, stressed that the democratic path in contemporary Omani political life has been a strategic choice since the beginning of the Blessed Renaissance under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.


He addressed the articles attributed to the State Council in the Basic Law of the State, which specify the number of its members, the appointment mechanism, the categories from which members are selected, the conditions of membership, the inadmissibility of combining them with the membership of the Majlis A’Shura as well as the legislative and regulatory powers. In addition, he referred to the Council's divisions, namely the Chairman, the Bureau, the Committees, the Secretariat and their respective functions.


HE.Dr.Khalid detailed the council's terms of reference, legislative and supervisory powers and its role in discussing Draft Development Plans and the State Budget, reviewed statistics relating to the council's activities and achievements in the field of discussion of draft laws. For 2011-2019, it has totalled to fifty-eight draft laws and the number of proposals and studies approved by the Council exceed one hundred and one.


He pointed out that the promising future prospects for the practice of Shura in Oman are based on three main axes. Foremost of which is the care of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the experience, His Majesty's keenness to consolidate the consultative approach and develop it to meet the interest of the nation and respond to the aspirations of citizen. It also includes the role that the Council can play in developing the Shura experience through its effective activities and activate its terms of reference to concrete reality, and the extent of interaction between the government and the Council to strengthen the common ground to enhance the Council’s output in public interest within the bicarmel system. 


HE.Sheikh Ali Bin Nasser Al Mahrouqi, Secretary General of Majlis A’Shura presented a lecture titled "The tasks of Majlis A’Shura ". The lecture addressed the shura process of Oman, its development stages, the legislative and supervisory powers granted to Majlis A’Shura, which comprises of approval of draft laws referred by the government and proposals of Draft laws. It also touched on the financial powers that includes discussion of the Draft General Budget and development plans, draft economic and social agreements and the Annual Report of the State's Financial and Administrative Regulatory body. 


The Council's oversight tools include the urgent statement, briefing request, willingness, parliamentary questions, request for discussion, discussion of ministerial statements and commission of inquiry and questioning.


The lecture concluded with the Secretary Generals responding to all the queries raised by the delegation members. Following this, the delegation toured the premises of Council of Oman, including the meeting halls, to be acquainted with the modern electronic technologies and facilities. 

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