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State Council Chairman congratulates 7th Term Council members for the High Trust of His Majesty

14 Nov 2019

  • State Council elects Hon.Dr. Badria Ibrahim Khalfan  AL Shihi and Al-Hinai as Vice Chairperson and Chairman 


  • Members of the Council's Bureau elected


On the high orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the State Council held its first session of its first annual sitting of the seventh Term (2019-2023) on Thursday, chaired by HE.Dr.Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri, State Council Chairman.


The Council Chairman initiated the session with his speech and welcomed the honorable members of the seventh term of the State Council and said: “Welcome to the State Council, which His Majesty  wanted to be another strong building block  of the Omani society, reinforcing the achievements gained, as we stay committed to the principles that His Majesty has set. These include the establishing of the foundations of authentic shura, stemming from the nation’s heritage, its values and Islamic Law, proud of its history and taking advantage of the methods and tools of modern times."


He congratulated the honorable members for being the recipient of the Royal high trust, as members of the State Council of the seventh term and asked them to deliver dedicated service to the nation, its righteous Sultan and its loyal people.


The Council Chairman stressed that all the divisions of the Council and its staff will extend dedicated support to the honorable  members in the performance of their tasks assigned to them during the next four years.  


The sixth Term has emerged as one of the most active phase for the Council, during which (54) fifty-four annual sittings discussed more than (25) twenty-five draft laws referred by the Council of Ministers and Majlis A’Shura. In addition it has discussed and approved nearly (30) thirty topics and studies dealing with the economic, social and cultural aspects of the Sultanate. 


His Excellency expressed his conviction that the Council members will spare no effort to keep up the momentum of activity through the conduct of their meetings, actions and vision in the perusal of all the topics presented to them. In addition, they will value the importance of presenting them for discussions in matters pertaining to the Council in order to perform their responsibility toward the accomplishment of national goals. 


Speaking about the successful conduct of Majlis A’Shura’s 9th Term elections, HE.Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Manthri praised the good organisation of the electoral process and the refined behaviour of the voters, congratulated the members of the 9th Term of for receiving the voters’ trust in them and wished them success in their future role in performing national and community tasks. 


His Excellency stressed on the cooperation of the State Council and its integration with Majlis A’Shura within the Council of Oman to meet the objectives and the aspirations of His Majesty the Sultan.

He pointed out that, as His Majesty says, "A multiplicity of views  and ideas which serve the public interest, and enrich the development process is one of the most contributing  factors in helping to establish a clear vision and properly defined goal.  Good opinions and good solutions, along with the governments determined efforts to advance the country, and provide for a decent life for all on this good and safe land, God willing."


In conclusion the Chairman said, "As the Sultanate is rejoicing to celebrate the 49th Anniversary of our glorious National Day, on this occasion I am honored on behalf of all of you and on the staff of the State Council  to extend the highest congratulations to His Majesty and pray for his health, happiness and long blessed life and for the Omani people under his prosperous reign, progress, goodness, security and development.


HE.Dr.Khalid Bin Salem Al Saidi, Secretary General of the State Council, then reviewed the requirements of the session, which includes a number of procedures.


The honorable members then performed the oath of allegiance as stipulated in article 58 and (20) of the Basic Statue of the State. “I swear by Allah the Almighty to be faithful to my Sultan and my Country, to honour the Basic Statute of the State and the applicable Laws, to preserve the safety of the State, the fundamental constituents of the Omani Society and its inherent values, and to perform my duties in the Majlis and its Committees faithfully and honestly.” The Chairman of Majlis Al Dawla shall swear, prior to assuming his duties in the Majlis, the oath specified in the previous paragraph before His Majesty the Sultan.”


The Council then proceeded with the procedures for electing the two Vice Chairmen in accordance with article (58) (bis 4) of the Basic Statute of the State, which states: "Majlis Al Dawla shall, at its first session, elect from amongst its members, and for a duration identical to its term, two deputies for the Chairman. If the seat of either of them falls vacant, the Majlis shall elect another member to replace him until the end of its term. In all cases, the election shall be made by direct secret vote and the absolute majority of the members of the Majlis.”


Following the announcement of nomination for the vice chairman, five honorable members submitted their candidacies for the position, leading to the endorsement of Hon.Dr.Badria Ibrahim Khalfan  AL Shihi (58 votes) and  Hon.Dr AL Sheikh  Al Khattab Ghalib Ali Al Hinai  (46 votes) as Vice Chairperson and Vice Chairman respectively.


Following this, the State Council Chairman announced the opening of the nomination for the election of four members to the Council’s Bureau, constituted by the Council Chairman, his two deputies and four members. The Council elected Hon.Dr.Said Mubarak Said  Al Muharrami, Hon.Rayya Salim Said Al Manthari, Hon.Lujaina Mohsin Haider Al Zuaabi and Hon.Hatim Hamed Issa Al Tai as Members of the Council's Bureau for the seventh term.


A quick look at State Council’s new Vice Chairperson, Vice Chairman and Bureau members  

Vice Chairman:       Hon.Dr AL Sheikh  Al Khattab Ghalib Ali Al Hinai

Vice Chairperson:   Dr. Badria Ibrahim Khalfan  Al Shihi 

Bureau members:   Hon.Dr.Said Mubarak Said  Al Muharrami, Hon.Rayya Salim Said Al Manthari, Hon.Lujaina Mohsin Haider Al Zuaabi and Hon.Hatim Hamed Issa Al Tai  


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