Students of Al-Shaimaa School from Adam visit State Council

05 Dec 2019

The State Council on Thursday was visited by  a students group of Shaimaa School from Adam and were received by Amjad bin Yahya al-Busaidi, Director of Public Relations Department at the Assistant Secretariat for Media Affairs and Public Relations.


During the visit, the students got acquainted with the powers, functions and mechanism of the council by listening to an explanation provided by Ahood bint Talib Al-Rahbia, Researcher at the Assistant Secretariat for Information and Research Center Affairs.


She briefied the students about the Council of Oman and its role in the national work, touched on the provisions of the State Council as per the stipulations of the Basic Law of the State, in addition to the organization structure of the Council and its activities and achievements.


The students watched a documentary about the council, and they toured the premises to learn about its facilities.

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