Technology and Innovation  Committee  discusses “the compatibility of prevailing laws on combating information technology crimes with technological developmen "

09 Dec 2019



The Technology and Innovation Committee of the State Council discussed a proposal to study "the compatibility of the prevailing Laws of Combating Information Technology Crime No. (12/2011) with the fast paced technological development and its social and economic impact on Sultanate of Oman". 


This is within the context of the committee's review of issues it wishes to study during the first annual session of the seventh term.



The committee discussed at  its second meeting, headed by Hon.Dr Maryam bint Abdullah bin Rajab Al Awadiyah, Committee Head and held in the presence of honorable  committee members and several General Secretariat employees, its terms of reference.


The committee also approved the minutes of its first meeting for the first annual session of the seventh term, in addition to discussing new work and taking the necessary decisions regarding it.

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